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Small Group Purposes During the Holidays

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We all know that with the holidays approaching, our schedules get very busy – for everyone. However, we shouldn’t let the busy-ness stop our Small Groups from fulfilling our purposes. If we’re intentional, December can be a month full of meaningful celebrations, worship, service, learning, and outreach. Below are 5 ways fulfill your small group purposes together during the holiday months, despite busy schedules.

Small Group Purposes During the Holidays

1. Celebrate together

Whether you have a Christmas potluck, cookie exchange, or white elephant party – make sure your group gathers together for a time of fellowship and celebration. Celebrate the relationships that have grown throughout the year. As a group, reflect back and thank God for all that He did within this past year. You could also combine this celebration with the next idea, have a Small Group pot luck before you go to Worship together!

2. Worship together

Does your Church have a Christmas concert or Worship night? If so, plan for your Small Group to attend together. This way, you can enjoy the fellowship and worship together. Here’s another idea: invite another group to join you!  Wouldn’t it be great to see ALL the small groups represented, together?