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Who Is at the Center of Your Group?

Who is at the Center of Your Group?

God created man to have fellowship with him, and so God visited Adam in the garden of Eden. The fellowship continued until the moment when man sinned. From then on, God began his efforts to reestablish fellowship with his creation. Initially he tried to do it by selecting Abraham. God established a covenant with Abraham and his offspring based on altars and animal sacrifices. From the patriarchs, he established a new people, the nation of Israel. Some centuries later through Moses, God gave them the law to live in holiness, and so he could dwell among them. In fact, the tabernacle was designed to be at the center of the Israelite camp.

But God’s people sinned again and again, and the tabernacle of God had to be taken out of the camp. Later, Solomon built the temple for the dwelling of God in the midst of his people. But, in the deportation, Ezekiel the prophet could see how the glory of God left the temple and his people due to their repeated sins. But, God did not renounce his desire to dwell among his people.

God sent his only son, not only to dwell among men but also to become a man. By taking human nature, God decided to unite with man forever; that’s why his name is Emmanuel. When He ascended to the father, Jesus continued to be present in the midst of his people, his church, which is his mystical body. Wherever two or three meet in his name, he is always present. The presence of God in the midst of men is a reality in every cell. God’s desire comes true every time his people come together; he has fellowship with us when we have fellowship with one another. In each cell it is a wonderful reality that is repeated as many times as the believers come together in his name.

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