Easy Small Group Food Ideas

An Easy Small Group Food Idea

My small group enjoys starting our time together in conversation while eating some snack foods. We rotate responsibility for small group food ideas. This ensures a variety of foods and keeps it from being a burden on any one member. Some weeks the snack foods are closer to being a meal than a snack. But every week the food is great and naturally stimulates a relaxed, fun atmosphere. One week we discovered shortly before the meeting that snacks weren’t coming. Our host didn’t miss a beat and pulled out some chips and had a peach cobbler dump cake in the oven in only a few minutes. Shifting the snack time to a convenient time in the middle of our meeting allowed the dump cake to bake. We all enjoyed a delicious snack and warm conversation that evening.

Easy Small Group Food Ideas

You haven’t made a dump cake before? Basically it’s an easy dessert you create by dumping a few ingredients, usually using a cake mix and fruit filling, into a pan and baking it in the oven. There are many dump cake recipes to be discovered in cookbooks and online.

Small Group Food Ideas – What’s a “Dump Cake?”

The best foods for small group food ideas share these characteristics:

  • Inexpensive
  • Quick preparation
  • Easy cleanup
  • Tastes great

How does the dump cake stack up against this criteria?


Many of the dump cake recipes are made with as few as three ingredients. The video recipe shown below requires only four ingredients (five if you serve it with ice cream). These are items you may already have in your refrigerator and pantry.