High Impact Instagram Ideas for Small Group Ministries

High Impact Instagram Ideas for Small Group Ministries

Instagram and Small Group Ministry

Editor’s Note: Connecting Instagram and Small Group Ministry can be difficult at times—both in finding fresh new ideas and in rolling it out for maximum impact—but it doesn’t have to be! Below are several great examples from different churches in how to use small group social media. Your church can use similar ideas to promote small group displays (they don’t have to be high-end printed ones—even handmade posters can create a powerful visual impact on social media), highlight individual stories and people (with their permission, of course), and emphasize the key role small groups play in the life of your church. You might want to follow the churches below for ongoing Insta-inspiration. You can follow ChurchLeaders on Instagram as well! 

Not feeling creative these days? If your ministry has been as blah and boring as Arie/ and Lauren B on the latest season of The Bachelor (a Monday Night Show in the U.S.) then take a look at these Instagram posts to spark some fresh ideas.

Do you post your work on social mediaUse the hashtag #SGNET because the tribe of Small Group Point People want to find and follow YOUR awesome sauce ideas. Who do you follow to inspire creativity in your ministry? Share in the comments.

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