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How to Have More Fun in Your Small Group—5 Ideas

How to Have More Fun in Your Small Group — 5 Ideas

Are you a small group point person who is trying to empower small group leaders to have more fun in their groups? Need to help group leaders create a welcoming and fun environment to increase connection between people? Here are 5 Ways to Help Your Small Groups Have More Fun:

  1. Bring Something With You
    A great way to warm up a new group (or the first night of returning groups) is by asking everyone to bring an item, or a photo from their phone, that best represents them or gives a little snapshot of what they’ve been up to lately. Yes, that trendy trip to Iceland or your recent addition of a fur-baby, we totally want to see a picture!
  2. Jackbox TV games
    All you need is a wifi connection and a smartphone. Hint: Use the family-friendly setting.
  3. Spyfall 2 
    Can accommodate up to 12 people, is easy to learn and a blast to play! It’s kind of like the classic Mafia youth group game. Don’t know what Mafia is? Ask the nearest middle schooler. Or just play Spyfall 2, it’s more fun anyway. Hint: The original Spyfall game is a favorite too (but only eight can play).
  4. Old School Favorites                                                                            Keep Catchphrase handy. It does not disappoint. This game is portable, easy to play and a crowd favorite. Outburst is another classic game that every Small Group I’ve led has absolutely loved.
  5. The Food Factor.
    The group that eats together…stays together! And has a lot more fun. Hit that golden buzzer. Groups that kick-off with a potluck are much more likely to have everyone show up. If you are bringing salsa and I am bringing chips, we kind of need each other, right?

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