Year-End Encouragement for Group Leaders

Year-End Encouragement for Group Leaders

Year-End Encouragement for Group Leaders

Encouragement is fuel for the soul. To encourage your group leaders, consider expressing appreciation in multiple ways so that all personality types will be receiving encouragement in their preferred way, especially at year-end.

Some leaders enjoy public appreciation. For them:

  • Have the leaders come before the congregation during the worship celebration. Express appreciation to them publicly, then pray for them, commissioning them for the next year.

Some leaders prefer private appreciation. For them:

  •  A hand-written note of from you will go a long way toward making them realize their ministry is making a difference.
  • Have them fill out a form once per year that includes a question asking them for one item under $10 that brightens their day. (You can choose a different amount of money as well.) That will give you a list of small gift ideas for each leader, and you can privately give personalized tokens of appreciation.

Another idea: Ask members of the groups to write a care or note of thanks to their group leader and present it at a year-end group celebration. You could contact one person in each group and ask them to organize this.

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