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Where Did All the Evangelism Conferences Go?

So, we have evangelism tools, and more people talking about Jesus, yet there isn’t much in the way of evangelism today. 


So, back to conferences. Since tools were ready-made for conferences, we had many conferences. Now tools are less appreciated and conferences are less common. I am a believer in tools used well. 

But, as tools lost their favor, the goal lost its means. In other words, tools (and conferences) helped us do evangelism, which was the goal. The goal was sharing the gospel.

Now, people roll their eyes at tools and don’t go to training conferences, and the end result is a lot of angst about evangelism but not a lot of, well, evangelism.

It reminds me of that famous statement of D.L. Moody: “Well, I like my way of doing it better than your way of not doing it!”

Good Stuff is Happening

I am privileged to be the Executive Director of the Wheaton College Billy Graham Center. In that role, I work alongside many gifted people who use the talents and energies the Lord has given them to show and share the love of Jesus with others. 

And, I get to encourage people headed to Together 2022, which will probably be the largest single evangelism training event in decades. 

And, all this is while the He Gets Us campaign is starting conversations about Jesus all over America. It’s the largest faith based campaign in history, and we can use its tools to foster and engage conversations at work, online, and all over. 

Finally, for several years now (and virtually during Covid) we’ve hosted the Amplify Outreach Conference to elevate the focus of evangelism. In partnership with Outreach Magazine, we are hosting the 2022 Amplify Evangelism & Outreach Conference at Wheaton College on October 18-19.  

So, evangelism IS going on. I want to invite you to join us.

I think most of us feel it: evangelism has fallen out of style in much of evangelicalism in America the last decade or so. Today, too many of us see evangelism strategies as hokey and ineffective, and, instead of coming up with other evangelism strategies, we just don’t evangelize.

This is a problem, and we need to fix it.


I am bringing pastors, evangelists, and church leaders together for the Amplify Outreach Conference to ask, “How can we help the body of Christ get back on mission and share the gospel like we once did?” In other words, tools and conferences aside, “How can we get focused on the goal?” 

We already have some amazing speakers lined up—and will start releasing names soon—and it will be on the campus of Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL. (That means dorm lodging is available if you need inexpensive accommodations.)

I hope you’ll plan to join us. We will be learning about what others are doing (including new tools), but will especially focus on developing a lifestyle of showing and sharing the love of Jesus.

You can register for the conference here. For more information, you can email  info@amplifyconference.tv.