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Love Where You Live: Evangelism in Disorienting Times

But almost any strategy (that isn’t sinful or inappropriate) is better than no strategy at all! The best place to start is with incremental changes. Small adjustments to your perspective, life, and schedule over time will help change the culture of your church around evangelism. Any degree of change for the good will make a significant change down the line. 

Here are some small changes you can make:

  1. Spend time in prayer for your community—ask the Lord to reignite in you a heart for the lost.
  2. Don’t be alarmed by the statistics—be faithful in your witness.
  3. Recognize that God’s mission does not rest on your shoulders alone—depend on the Holy Spirit to empower you.
  4. Make friends, in your own way, and avoid isolating yourself—be open to show and share the love of God.
  5. Memorize Scripture that you can relay as you share your testimony.
  6. Be prepared with resources, and share them with interested people.
  7. Share your wins, and invite others on the journey. 

May we embrace God’s mission with boldness and humility, seeking to love where we live by sharing whom we love.