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Kari Jobe’s ‘Heal Our Land’ Is the Exact Thing We Need to Be Praying Over America Right Now

Kari Jobe Heal Our Land

This is an awesome song from Kari Jobe that we need right now! There have been several periods in history where times of crisis divide people and leave many victims. We are living in one of those times. It’s no secret that the American church has undergone (and is still going through) an incredibly tumultuous and divisive season this past year.

In times of crisis, often the arts pick up the slack when the culture is unable to accurately speak on a given topic. Art has a way of expressing what we cannot in speech, writing, or actions. True to the calling of art, Kari Jobe’s song “Heal Our Land” adequately expresses the prayer on the heart of Christians distraught over the division present in the American church right now.

As the lyrics suggest, our land does need healing and we do need to be unified again. The only way we are going to see this happen, though, is through the grace and power of Jesus Christ. In short: It’s time to pray.

If you don’t know where to start or how to pray, borrow the lyric’s from this song to get started:

Spirit of God
Breathe on Your church
Pour out Your presence
Speak through Your word
We pray in every nation, Christ be known
Our hope and salvation, Christ alone

So, God we pray to You
Humble ourselves again
Lord, would You hear our cry
Lord, will You heal our land
That every eye will see
That every heart will know
The One who took our sin
The One who died and rose