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Worship is a War Song: 7 Ways it Is Powerful

5. Worship is a part of our identity in Christ.

It is not optional. It’s who we are. We were all created to worship God. It does not have to be a song. We were created to give thanks to God, to adore Him, to put Him first and to obey Him.

6. Worship is what the devil is after.

Lucifer wanted to be worshiped instead of God. He is still at work today to take the focus off God. If he can’t make himself the focus, he works to turn people to worship everything else: money, fame, people, sex, food, entertainment, anything that makes God lower on the totem pole of our hearts.

7. Worship changes us.

We become like the one we worship (Bill Johnson). Whatever or whoever we worship is who or what we will become. A person who worships money will become greedy. A person who worships sex and physical pleasure will become lustful. A person who worships food will become gluttonous or obsessed with food. A person who worships people will become a people pleaser. If we worship God, we become like Him. We begin to take on His characteristics.

Father, please forgive us for all the times we have placed someone or something at the center of our hearts. Forgive us for the sin of idolatry. May you be first in our hearts and on the throne of our hearts. May we worship you with all our hearts, souls, minds and with all our strength. You are amazing! Help us to love you more. In Jesus name, Amen.

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