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5 Gifts Jesus Gives Us in the Lord’s Supper

the Lord's Supper

The Lord’s Supper is more than history, more than the artwork of a painting. It’s the living example of how to go through stressful times. When we read about the Lord’s Supper in John 13, we discover not only the roots of the sacrament but also the secrets of Christian living. There are at least five diamonds shining out from the darkness of John 13. I’m sure you can find more, but I’m struck with these reflections.

5 Gifts From the Lord’s Supper

1. Jesus showed us how to love well. (v.1)

Jesus demonstrated that sometimes the grand gesture is important. What more perfect love is there than the love of God? Yet Jesus determined that night to show them the “full extent” of his love. He washed their feet. Earlier in the week Mary had broken open a jar of fabulously expense perfume and covered his feet with the sweet-smelling ointment. He had received extravagant love, and now, at the Lord’s Supper, he showed the same. The service due him he gave to others. In a time of incredible stress, Jesus lavished his attention on others.

2. Jesus showed us how to deal with betrayal. (v.2)

Jesus washed Judas’ feet as well. The very one who objected to Mary’s outrageous act of love was apparently willing to receive the full extent of Jesus’ love. Jesus knew the score and chose to serve even Judas. But should we be surprised? Before sunrise, all the disciples except John would flee for safety. Peter would deny the Lord again and again (and again). But Jesus served them all. In a setting of betrayal, Jesus determined to pour forth his love and care. Under incredible pressure, he met betrayal with love. He cared even for his oppressor. Perhaps that’s why the early church sang, “If we are faithless, he will remain faithful, for he cannot disown himself.”