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Should Churches Still Use Music From Hillsong?

It was then that I knew that in good conscience we could no longer use Hillsong music in any way that financially supports the continued culture of financial and sexual misconduct at Hillsong Church.

This grieves me. At Meck, we had approximately 10 or so songs from Hillsong in rotation when we made the decision. Songs that meant something to me and to many others in our church. But there are some things that mean more, specifically worshipping God in both spirit and truth. Worshiping in a way that supports what is happening at Hillsong does neither.

It is not simply Hillsong. I hope all churches will evaluate the source of their worship music and ask if they are wanting to financially support that source in terms of its approach to ministry and theology. An individual song might be fine, but the royalties might go to support a church teaching a prosperity theology, a distortion of the Trinity, or even just very expensive sneakers worn by preachers. But make no mistake—when you use a song from a church, you are not only giving that church money, but also their “brand” legitimation.

As musician Dan Coogan put it, “If I wouldn’t quote their pastor or allow him to preach in our pulpit, then I won’t use the songs their bands write.” This isn’t “cancel culture.” This is about biblical and theological integrity.

There will be fresh music coming for the Church. The Holy Spirit has no limits for creativity. It will, hopefully, encourage many churches to support the artists in their midst to turn their giftings toward the writing of new songs.

And if or when Hillsong church shows true, institutional repentance,

… I’ll sing “Shout to the Lord” louder than anyone.

This article originally appeared here and is used by permission.