Dial It Down? Never! (Well, Maybe)

Dial It Down

I keep a dreadful secret from my friends at church. You see, where I worship, if you think the music’s too loud, you are definitely too old. The drugged-out neighbors near our building call the police to complain about the volume. The Kentucky Academy of Pediatrics has labeled my church the number one threat to children’s hearing. Baby Boomers bring ear plugs to church. All the guitar amps go to 11. We don’t dial it down.

But deep in the recesses of my iPhone, where no one can see my music collection, I have a playlist of gentle music. At my desk, I put in the ear buds and (secretly) dial it down. The fools–they think I’m still rocking it out! But God lives in the still small sounds, too.

So if you promise not to let this get back to the hometown gang, I’d like to recommend quiet music for quiet times when you need to dial it down:

Where to Dial It Down


This article about how to dial it down originally appeared here, and is used by permission.