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Joe McKeever: How to Liven Up a Dull Worship Service

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Here are some thoughts from veteran pastor Joe McKeever on how to liven up a dull whorship service.

“In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord….” (Isaiah 6:1)

Have the Lord show up, and your worship will come alive like never before.

Ask Isaiah.  Ask the two Emaus-road disciples (Luke 24).  Ask the disciples who had retreated into the safety of the Upper Room when suddenly the risen Christ appeared (John 20:19ff).

Isaiah left the temple that day with a new calling upon his life.  The two disciples reversed their paths and rushed back to the city to tell everyone that Jesus was alive and had appeared to them.  As for the disciples, soon they removed the locks from the door of the Upper Room and lived in the streets and countryside–not to say the jails–as they told the world of Jesus.

A few moments in His presence will do that to a fellow. No one is ever bored in the Lord’s presence. No one has ever fallen asleep under His voice. No one emerges unchanged.

How to Liven Up a Dull Worship Service

If Jesus is present, something is going to happen. Let’s talk about worship services in Christian churches. This big subject is a major concern for all God’s redeemed.

Being retired and on the road, I’m with a different church almost every weekend. I suppose I’ve seen it all. Some worship services are powerful, well-planned, and excellently executed. Some choirs are amazing and the worship leadership teams as good as you’ll find anywhere. We could wish that all were.

Far too many churches suffer from a deadly sameness and predictability.  In many, the worship leader seems to have given no advance thought to anything other than the choice of the hymns.  And more than once, they’ve not even done that, but invite the congregation to do it for them on the spot.

And we wonder why the glazed look in the eyes of the congregation.

Few things should be as wonderful and uplifting as the time spent in worshiping the God of the universe through the risen, ascended Lord Jesus Christ.

Few things should be as life-changing as an hour in His presence.

You would think.

Now, I am not saying the worship service should compete with Dancing With the Stars or a college football game.  Noise and hype and glitter are not necessary for a worship service and in most cases, get in the way of true worship.