5 Ways Christians Worship and Glorify Satan

5 Ways Christians Worship and Glorify Satan

Editor’s Note: Before you dismiss this article because of its provocative headline, please give it a read and some thought. Considering how many Christian writers and church leaders feel compelled to address the issues of moral failures, back-stabbing among believers, power- and money-hungry leaders in the church, and using the Bible to justify violence, we feel this article simply lists all those issues in one spot. We hope it generates some constructive conversation. Please tell us what you think in the comments.

5 Ways Christians Worship and Glorify Satan

Was that blog post title too provocative?

Here is something even more provocative: There is much in Christianity that is Satanic.

In fact, many elements of Christianity might make it the most Satanic religion on earth.

If you are already offended by this post, you may simply want to stop reading here. But if you keep reading, you will learn five ways that Christians worship and glorify Satan, and these five areas strike at the heart of much of what goes by “Christianity” today.

1. We Give Credit to Satan

Christians often say that one of Satan’s biggest deceptions is convincing people that he doesn’t exist.

This may be true, but I sometimes think that an even bigger deception of Satan is convincing people that he does exist, and that he is more powerful than he really is.

We Christians often give credit and glory to Satan for things which he had nothing whatsoever do with.

It is not uncommon to hear Christians “blame Satan” and pray against Satan for things that in any other person’s life, would simply be the result of poor choices, poor planning, or just poor timing.

Christians sometimes say that they are being tempted by Satan, or were sent bad dreams by Satan, or were kept by Satan from witnessing to a friend. With such ideas, Christians are attributing omniscience and omnipresence to Satan, which are attributes of God alone. Satan is a created (but fallen) being, just like you and me. He cannot be everywhere at once, and so it is nearly certain that none of us will ever have a personal encounter with Satan in our entire life. He has (in his mind) better things to do than give you bad dreams or tempt you to look at porn. The bad dream might be a result of the movie you watched, a stressful situation at work, or the anchovies you put on your pizza. The temptation to sin most likely comes from your fallen “flesh,” the part of each human which naturally pulls us toward our baser desires. In both cases, Satan has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Christians sometimes complain that Satan created problems for them at the airline customs gate or in coordinating travel plans. This is especially true if these Christians are “missionaries” who are headed to another country to “carry out the great commission.” Any problem is therefore attributed to the power of Satan. Yet these things happen to tens of thousands of “normal” travelers every day. To give Satan credit for these is to give him way too much credit.

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