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12 Keys to Improving Worship Keyboards

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So you’re playing worship keyboards for your band this Sunday! Here are some proven steps and practices to help you do a great job.

12 Keys to Improving Worship Keyboards

1. Download the charts & MP3s

• Get your charts early. Start practicing as soon as the charts are available.

• Download from PlanningCenter.com or other online sources. (You can also upload to Dropbox)

• Put the charts on your iPad or print them off.

• Download the MP3s and make a playlist or use Planning Center’s Service app and Media player

• Double check to see what keys you are playing in.

• What key is the recording in? Transpose the MP3 if necessary.

2. Listen to the original recordings

• What is the keyboardist(s) playing on the recording?

• What is the exact tempo?

• When does the keyboard sit out?

• What voicing is the player using?

• What is the musical feel for this song?

• Is this a keyboard song or guitar-based song?

• What are the lead lines that are important for you to play?

3. What are the best sounds to use for this set?

• Piano Sound

• E-Piano sounds (Rhodes & FM)

• Strings, Pads & Vox

• B-3 sounds

• Pipe Organ

• Ethereal sounds

• Bass sounds

• Brass patches

• Layering

4. What keyboards do you have?

Spend time with your keyboards and mark down your favorite patches and learn how to access them quickly. Create your own user settings.

• Yamaha

• Roland

• Nord

• Korg