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10 Guidelines for Praise and Worship Leadership

praise and worship leadership
Photo by Terren Hurst (via Unsplash)

Here are my Top 10 guidelines for praise and worship leadership. I have been leading worship teams for 30 years, but I still go back to this list to see what I need to work on!

Drum roll please… Let’s start with #10

Praise and Worship Leadership

10. Never stop growing

  • Are you practicing your singing and playing on a daily basis?
  • Are you taking lessons and improving your craft and leadership?
  • Are you changing and growing with the new trends, styles and songs?

9. Develop your organizational and admin skills

  • Are you writing (or buying) great charts for your band?
  • Are you running organized and productive rehearsals?
  • Are you creating timely schedules for your musicians and planning ahead on the church calendar?

8. Keep working on a good relationship with your pastor

  • Do you have a weekly meeting with your pastor?
  • Are you supporting your pastor in private and public?
  • Have you ever had your pastor and his wife over for dinner?

7. Mentoring is one your most important jobs

  • Are you looking for and developing the potential leaders on your team?
  • Are you giving room for new leaders to lead a song or worship time?
  • Jesus spent over three years developing His team; are you following His example?