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Tech Solutions Help Churches During Coronavirus Response

Tech Solutions Help Churches During Coronavirus Response

All over the United States (no—the world!) churches are responding to the Coronavirus (COVID 19), and church tech is making coronavirus response unique. While community, love, and care for the vulnerable have always been a part of the church’s mission, the advent of digital technologies has given the church options like never before.

Here are a few areas in which church technology’s part in coronavirus response is making a real difference in 2020:


Through the use of texting apps and software, churches can now communicate last-minute changes in schedules, and reach most of their regular congregation. Times like these also highlight the need for every church to designate a communications director, whether staff or volunteer.

Church Services

Live streaming has changed how we reach people who cannot come to church (which, during the Coronavirus Pandemic might be all of us for a while!). Your church’s coronavirus response should include some form of live streaming, even if it’s just sent from an iPhone!

Church Guide to Coronavirus 1


Although worship services may be set aside for a short period of time, the work of the church never stops—which means that the financial support of faithful church members remains necessary—perhaps even more necessary than ever. Giving apps and software are well-established technologies that provide a channel for resources that was unimaginable just a few short years ago. Does your church offer online methods of giving?


It’s easy to lose track of people in a crisis. While nothing replaces personal pastoral care and concern, the use of an administrative tool such as Church Management Software means that even if a church staff cannot meet in person, each member of the staff still has access to contact information and data regarding the special needs of every regular church member, or every visitor, for that matter.

The Real Story

There are plenty more applications—this list could be much longer. But in this pandemic the intersection of technology and ministry is especially helpful. The unique nature of your church’s response is the real story, and it’s waiting to be written, by you, one church at a time.

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