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Do You Have a “Bucket List” of People to See Before You Die?

Remember the movie “The Bucket List?”  It’s the story of  two terminally ill friends who sneak out of a cancer ward for a road trip to see a list of things and places before they die. That movie mostly focused on locations, but the truth is, a better bucket list would be of people to see before the end of your life.  Who would be on that list for you?

Who are the people you’d like to meet before you pass away?  Start making the list today and start checking it off. Don’t wait until it’s too late.  Who could you learn from?  Who do you need to say “Thank You” to?  Who matters in your life?

Maybe it’s a corporate giant, creative genius, inventor, pro athlete, your high school coach or an estranged family member.  Maybe it’s someone you need to settle up with or make things right.

Whether you do it for inspiration, encouragement, learning, to forgive or be forgiven, the list is important.  Start working on it now – before it’s too late.

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