What’s Your Most Creative Time of Day?

Simple question. We all have times of the day when we rock, and times when we don’t. For me, it’s the morning. From 6am to noon I can write like mad. I’m crazy creative. After lunch, I’m done. I can do phone calls, client meetings, and email, but after lunch I rarely can write anything worth reading or produce anything worth watching. Everyone has a time when they do their most creative work.

What’s that time for you? Figure it out. It will make a huge difference in your creativity, your productivity, and output. Without identifying it, you’ll never reach your potential.

So – What’s yours?

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Phil Cooke
Phil Cooke is the founder and CEO of Cooke Pictures in Burbank, California (cookepictures.com)where he helps church, ministry, and nonprofit organizations engage the culture more effectively. He's a filmmaker, media consultant, and author of "Unique: Telling Your Story in the Age of Brands and Social Media."