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Is The Bible A Love Letter From God?

I’ve heard it said that the Bible is a love letter from God to us.

And while I understand the sentiment behind that statement, I don’t think it’s particularly accurate. Here’s why.

A love letter is written by a guy (or girl) who is smitten. He can’t get enough of the girl he is in love with. He can’t see her enough, can’t think about her enough, can’t say enough wonderful things about her. His love spills over from his heart onto paper. He must tell the girl how he feels, must express the intense love and affection that are threatening to completely take him over. The love letter is the guy telling the girl how amazing and wonderful and delightful she is. The love letter is all about the girl.

The Bible is not a love letter.

Does the Bible tell us about God’s incredible love for us? Of course. But the Bible is not primarily about us, the Bible is primarily about God. The Bible is not primarily a subjective account of God’s feelings for us; it is an objective record of God’s magnificent, glorious plan of redemption. The Bible doesn’t exist in order to make us feel good about ourselves. The Bible exists in order to stir our affections for our glorious God.

God is not most impressed with us, he is most impressed with himself. The Bible is not God telling us how wonderful we are; the Bible is God telling us how wonderful he is.

Maybe we should stop calling the Bible a love letter from God.