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When You Feel Like Quitting Youth Ministry, Do This Instead

when you feel like quitting

When you feel like quitting youth ministry, don’t act rashly. Don’t do something you might regret. Instead, follow this advice from longtime youth minister Doug Fields.

I resigned from a youth ministry position after 18 years (the one before that lasted 11 years). I know what it’s like to want to quit. I wanted to quit being a youth minister hundreds of times during that 18 years. (Half of those came directly following a youth group activity.)

Because I speak to many ministry leaders, I often sense defeat and discouragement. Ministry is always difficult, and factors such as a difficult economy add fuel to emotions and stressors.

My ministry compadre Matt McGill blogged about what to do on days when you feel like quitting. He shared these 6 tips.

6 Tips for When You Feel Like Quitting

1. Don’t.

At least not until you’re really sure of your decision.

2. Show up.

You can’t give up just because you feel like quitting. Going through the motions could restore some passion that you’ve lost.

3. Change it up.

You need to show up. But that doesn’t mean you have to go through all the motions.

4. Laugh.

Do whatever it takes to find a little fun. You may be on the Titanic and it’s sinking fast. But better to eek out some joy than soak in all the despair.

5. Talk about it.

Get with a friend (probably not anyone above you in the “food chain” at church). You may be friends with your boss, but you need to hash out some issues with other people.

6. Seek God.

I believe God wants to teach us something every day … even on days when we want to quit. God may be moving in new ways in your life, and feeling like it’s time to quit may be part of this. Discover the root causes of your thoughts and feelings. Sure, everything is piling up and it feels overwhelming. But what’s behind the superficial issues?