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Bible Is Banned Here: Check Out This Long List of Countries


The Bible is banned in many countries. Are your teens aware of that long list? Do your youth group members realize it’s a privilege to freely own and carry a copy of God’s Word? And are they willing to help get Scripture into more people’s hands throughout the globe? Read on to learn more.

You may have heard the Bible is banned or illegal in 52 countries. That information gets printed on T-shirts and even stitched onto Bible covers. “Illegal” may not be strictly true, but it might as well be in most of these places.

Voice of the Martyrs publishes a world map of countries that ban the Bible. That organization works to get Scripture into these countries, and Love Packages is honored to work toward the same goal.

The Voice of the Martyrs map is available here. It categorizes countries where Bibles are:

  1. difficult/dangerous to obtain,
  2. illegal or highly restricted, or
  3. strictly illegal and available only through covert smuggling.

Please note: No one is claiming Christianity is illegal in the places on this list. And it’s not about which countries do or don’t have physical church buildings or the presence of Christian communities. Finally, in many larger countries especially, experiences vary based on specific location. Some states or regions may have more religious freedoms or looser enforcement of restrictions than others.

List of Countries Where the Bible Is Banned

Here’s a list of 52 countries where the Bible is banned, illegal, or severely restricted:

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Iran
  3. Kazakhstan 
  4. Kyrgyzstan
  5. Maldives
  6. Mauritania
  7. North Korea
  8. Saudi Arabia
  9. Somalia
  10. Tajikistan
  11. Turkmenistan
  12. Uzbekistan
  13. Yemen
  14. Algeria
  15. Bhutan
  16. Brunei
  17. China
  18. Cuba
  19. Djibouti
  20. Eritrea
  21. Kuwait
  22. Laos
  23. Libya
  24. Malaysia
  25. Morocco
  26. Oman
  27. Sudan
  28. Tunisia
  29. Bahrain
  30. Bangladesh
  31. Central African Republic
  32. Colombia
  33. Egypt
  34. Ethiopia
  35. India
  36. Iraq
  37. Jordan
  38. Kenya
  39. Lebanon
  40. Mali
  41. Myanmar (Burma)
  42. Nepal
  43. Niger
  44. Nigeria
  45. Pakistan
  46. Philippines (Mindanao)
  47. Sri Lanka
  48. Syria
  49. Tanzania
  50. Turkey
  51. United Arab Emirates
  52. Vietnam

Many ministries print, ship, smuggle, and carry God’s Word into these places. Almost as many strategies exist as there are ministries. And it’s breathtaking to consider how the Lord orchestrates his plans. One ministry prints, another uses cutting-edge digital technology, another collects and recycles discarded material.

And your youth group is invited to help! Pray for the work, learn how to collect material to ship, and/or donate toward shipping costs.

How to Get Bibles into 52 Restricted Countries

Pray about how God wants your kids to get involved. Move beyond just knowing that many nations ban the Bible.

Love Packages collects new and used Bibles and other Christian literature and ships it overseas. Because we ship to distributors in port cities, we pack materials into cargo containers and ship about 20 tons at a time.