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Service Projects for Youth Groups: 17 Outreach Options for Teens

service projects for youth groups

Service projects for youth groups offer amazing benefits. One of the greatest opportunities a youth ministry can provide is “serving practice” for teens. God calls us all to be the hands and feet of Christ.

If you need ideas for service projects for youth groups, you’re in the right spot. Consider one or more of these youth service ideas. They’re guaranteed to transform preteens and teenagers into volunteers!

17 Service Projects for Youth Groups

1. Pick up litter.

First, trash is everywhere, so litter pickup is always an option. But you don’t need to do anything official like adopting a highway. Simply find a stretch of road, a local playground or park, a natural area, etc. For most settings, all you need are garbage bags and latex gloves. If you’re near roads, though, wear orange safety vests. Maybe even spring for some trash-picker tongs for adult chaperones.

2. Volunteer at a local school.

Next, most principals will jump at the chance to put young volunteers to work. Call a local elementary school and ask how your group members can help. Ideas include after-school tutoring, coaching a team, and serving as recess buddies.

3. Collect change for a cause.

Choose a local ministry or social service, and ask students to round up change. Brainstorm a theme for the collection receptacles. Local crisis-pregnancy centers are a popular option.

Up the ante by involving students in the ministry as well. Shop with some kids when it’s time to turn the change into items to donate. Or bring a small group to serve at the center or shelter when you drop off donations.

4. Organize a free car wash.

Church and community members are used to seeing car-wash fundraisers. But why not just bless the people in your neighborhood with a free wash instead? If your church has ever done a car wash as a fundraiser, you already have the necessary supplies!

5. Organize a workday at someone’s home.

Service projects for youth groups can take many forms. Gather teens to help a widow, elderly couple, or individual with special needs. Start by asking congregants if they, their parents, or their neighbors can use help.

If you know any contractors, ask if they’ll mentor students. A willing professional can teach interested teenagers projects such as replacing drywall and doing minor repairs. Otherwise, you don’t have to do anything complicated. Cleaning, painting and yard work are all a great blessing and don’t require special skills.

6. Wrap gifts.

You’ll have to wait until December, of course, for most Christmas-themed service project ideas. But one option involves setting up a table in the church lobby or a shopping center to help people with holiday tasks.

7. Pack meals.

A few organizations, such as Feed My Starving Children and Meals of Hope, have very efficient systems for packing healthy meals. Some are then shipped all over the world! Your area may have a permanent facility, or you may be able to set up a mobile packing event at church.

8. Provide child care.

Plan an evening when students provide free child-care at church so parents can have date night. Teenagers can plan a themed pajama party, movie night, or craft night for younger children.