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Easter Drama Skits: 8 Powerful Presentations for Church Youth Groups

Easter drama skits

As one church sign proclaims, “Lent is spring training. Easter is opening day!” Prepare for that exciting event—and outreach opportunity—by presenting Easter drama skits. Teens at your church will enjoy preparing and sharing Resurrection-themed dramas that celebrate the empty tomb.

Whether short or long, an Easter skit can have powerful impacts on viewers and performers alike. And whether you use a simple dramatic reading or an elaborate play, the good news of the Gospel message will shine through.

Ideas abound for Easter drama skits. Many free scripts and readings are available online—and easy to adapt. Choose one that best fits your youth group size and preparation time. Also consider the ages of your youth group participants and your number of adult volunteers.

To prepare an Easter drama, you could rehearse a bit at each regular youth group meeting. But you also might benefit from scheduling separate practices, especially as Easter weekend approaches.

Enlist the help of tech-oriented teens to assist with sound and visuals. And ask creative types to design posters and lead social media publicity campaigns. Add to the excitement by following up a drama presentation with a brunch or other Easter activity.

Check out all these options for Easter drama skits—and then break a leg!

8 Easter Drama Skits for Youth Ministry

1. Shorter Dramas for Holy Week and Easter

This site features a wide variety of brief skits. Kids can present these during worship or for younger Sunday school children. (For longer skits from the same source, click here.)

2. Easter Morning Monologue

Based on John 20:11-18, this presentation is a Resurrection monologue by Mary Magdalene, plus a few lines from the angel.

3. The Un-Passion

What if Jesus had been selfless and unloving? This Easter drama skit uses that interesting perspective while walking through key New Testament events.

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