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Easter Egg Fundraiser for Youth Groups: A Smashing Success

Easter egg fundraiser
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Need a fun Easter egg fundraiser? Is your youth group raising money for your next event, camp, or mission trip? Do you want to unite the church and community at a hilarious get-together? Then try this easy yet hilarious Easter egg fundraiser idea.

For added impact, make this fundraiser part of an Easter event or festival. Offer carnival games for younger children. Maybe provide a brunch or concessions that adults and seniors will enjoy.

For publicity and evangelism, also set up a booth. Provide information about the Gospel and your church. Promote the event and fundraiser throughout the area so everyone can join in the fun!

Easter Egg Fundraiser: The Yoke’s on You!

What you need:

  • Several dozen eggs (some of which are boiled ahead of time)
  • Easter-themed prizes
  • Good-natured volunteers

Before the event, acquire a few dozen eggs. Ask for donations to keep costs low. Ahead of time, you’ll need to hard-boil one egg out of every dozen. You’ll also need to purchase (or ask for) some simple, cheap Easter-themed prizes. Aim for one prize for each dozen of eggs.

Here’s the most important part of your Easter egg fundraiser preparation. You need to recruit a bunch of volunteers who are good sports. The youth pastor, senior pastor, and other church leaders will be perfect. See if other local leaders or well-known community members (coaches, principals, mayor, council members) will participate too.

How This Easter Egg Fundraiser Works

Have volunteers sit in a line of chairs. Then charge people $1 or $2 to crack an egg on a volunteer’s head.

If the egg is uncooked, the egg-cracker doesn’t win a prize. (But really, smashing the egg on the head is a win in itself!) If someone picks the hard-boiled egg, they win an Easter-themed prize.