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Church Graduation Program Ideas: 5 Ways to Celebrate Grads

church graduation program ideas

How does your church and youth ministry celebrate graduates? We have a celebration Sunday for our high school ministry, and it’s always a hit. Here are a few church graduation program ideas you can try!

5 Awesome Church Graduation Program Ideas

1. The Board

I’m not looking for new ideas; I’m looking for great ideas. This year I’m doing a “College Destinations” board. I saw it here on our blog a few years ago. It’s currently in process and shaping up to be a great addition to our Graduation Sunday.

2. The Gift

I still have the Bible I received from my church when I graduated. It’s a great gift, but I’ve found that most churchgoing students already have a Bible…probably three or more. Instead, we buy the Graduation Bundle from SYM. Practical and affordable! And if kids need a Bible, we just give them one. Click here to check out some options.

3. The Celebration

We host a continental brunch (breakfasty/pastry snack foods) for all our students and the families of our senior class. This does cost us a little. But you can keep costs down by asking underclassmen (i.e., their parents) to bring the food.

4. The Visuals

I open the celebration with a premade/purchased graduation video. Here are a few to preview. Later in the program we show a second video, a slideshow of seniors we create with Animoto. We ask our seniors to provide 3 photos: a baby picture, an image from late elementary or junior high, and a senior photo.

Each student gets a few seconds of screen time. We display their photos, name, and the school they’re graduating from.

We also ask seniors to fill out a questionnaire with future goals, college, career, dreams, etc. Then we make a small booklet to give out to all attendees. We make it in Microsoft Publisher and print it in house.