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Youth Group Lessons on Identity: The Value of Teens Belonging

4. God’s love is unconditional, so ours must be too.

Two groups of people exist in this world: those who need to accept Jesus as Savior and those who need to grow closer to Jesus. Everything we do, everything we teach, everything we’re about should point toward Jesus Christ and an abiding relationship with Him.

We’re on this journey together, not separately. By grounding ourselves in Christ, allowing His identity to shape us, He begins to transform our lives. And what people see becomes infectious.

5. Emphasize the value of belonging.

Establishing a value of belonging within your ministry (small group, class, etc.) is paramount. It’s what will attract teens and keep them there, solely because they know they’re safe and wanted. If teens don’t feel like they belong, they won’t walk through your doors again, or ever. Every person Jesus encountered, He spoke “belonging” over, whether it was through His touch, words, eyes, or simply drawing near to the person.

How great is the love of God that is lavished upon us, that we should be called His children. And this is who we are, now. May our students know this truth. But even more, may they experience this truth.

Thanks for loving students!

Shawn Harrison

This article about youth group lessons on identity and belonging originally appeared here.