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Vape Detectors: How to Tell When Your Teens Are Vaping

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Vape detectors are the latest attempt to combat vaping among U.S. teens. Vaping is now considered a health crisis among America’s young people. Nicotine presents a range of physical risks, and addiction to vaping also has mental health consequences.

Parents, teachers, youth leaders, and anyone who works with teens must stay informed about vaping. Manufacturers continue to create smaller, camouflaged devices, and many vape cartridges are odorless. But there are ways to detect vaping and to safeguard teens from this dangerous habit.

Read on for resources about the vaping epidemic among teens. Then share the information with your youth, their parents, and other church leaders.

Vape Detectors: How to Spot and Stop Teen Vaping

You may know that teen vaping is prevalent. But do you know how to spot it? More importantly, do you know how to prevent kids from getting hooked on vapes? And how to help them stop if they do?

1. Vape Detectors for Schools

In an effort to reduce vaping among teens, more school districts are installing vape detectors. These can be pricey, however, and their effectiveness varies. To push back, vaping manufacturers now instruct users how to evade or not trigger the detectors.

2. Clues That Kids Are Vaping

Here’s a helpful list of what to watch (and smell) for. You’ll also find slang phrases that today’s teens use for vaping and vape products. Click here for details about how vapes work, why vaping is so popular, and why it’s dangerous.

3. Help Kids Quit Vaping

If you do have youth group members (or their friends) who vape, you can help them quit. This site lists positive aspects of not vaping anymore. Plus, it guides parents and other caregivers on how to assist vape users who want to stop.