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A Jesus Revolution Youth Group

A Jesus Revolution in Your Youth Group

Now is the time for another Jesus movement! Now is the time to take your youth group to this amazing movie (if you haven’t already!).

Why not take your teenagers to a Saturday afternoon showing? Maybe have them dress up like hippies! Go back to your youth room afterward, explain revival in a simple way (if you need a little help in explaining revival, check out my article called What Is Revival? A Guide for Gen Z), and unpack the movie together.

Ask questions like:

  1. What would it take to see another Jesus revolution in our generation?
  2. What are the roadblocks to this kind of revival?
  3. How can we begin to live this out in our youth group?

You can use it as an outreach and give the Gospel!

Spend time in prayer, asking God to start that revival in your hearts and through your youth ministry! Then ask them to identify one person they want to share Jesus with this week. Why? Because it ain’t revival until it spills into the streets!

Youth leaders, take advantage of this unique opportunity to inspire your teenagers to live on mission and be a part of the next great move of God!

Watch the Jesus Revolution trailer:

This article originally appeared here and is used by permission.