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Easy Games for Preteens: 3 Fun Activities Kids (and You) Will Love

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Easy games for preteens are a hit with youth as well as with leaders and volunteers. These three fun, easy games for tweens and preteens are guaranteed to be a hit!

3 Fun, Easy Games for Preteens

1. Weird Moments

Trying to break in a new preteen leader? Here’s a way to “bless” the leader with popularity! Create an opening segment called Weird Moments that your new leader hosts.

Each week, introduce the leader and his or her Weird Moment. Fill this time with competitions such as these that are too weird for words:

Diving for Dollars

Have two leaders compete for a dollar bill placed in a plastic bag at the bottom of a wading pool filled with ice. Leaders must keep their hands behind their backs and use only their teeth to retrieve the prize.

Stick Around

Have two leaders compete to see who can stick to the wall the longest. Use duct tape to secure them with their feet off the floor. Then conduct your meeting and see who lasts the longest!

Marathon Belchers

And, of course, don’t forget the oldies but goodies. After a soft drink, see which leader can burp the longest! Remember, your preteens love to live on the edge…even (or maybe especially) when we find that edge a bit gross.

2. Loose Lips Preteen Game

This is another fun game to challenge preteens to communicate creatively.

For each team of four, make a kit with:

  • four straws,
  • a racquetball-sized lump of clay,
  • three wiggle eyes,
  • five 6-inch yarn strips,
  • and a metal washer.

Make an extra kit for yourself.

Using your kit, build a creature or contraption model using all the supplies. Then hide your model outside your room.

Once teams are formed, have teams each choose one preteen to be their director. Take all the directors out to view your model. Allow three minutes for them to memorize the object.