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Life Skills for Teens: Are Your Kids Well Equipped for Adulthood?

Everyday Life Skills for Teens

These types of life skills for teens usually come to mind first. Laundry, cooking, cleaning, car maintenance, and medical appointments aren’t necessarily fun but must be done. Kids need know-how in all these areas and more so they can survive on their own. This includes everything from addressing an envelope to mastering job-hunting skills.

This site has solid tips about how to teach everyday life skills to kids. As they grow, allow children to accompany you on routine trips and chores. Let them hear you converse politely and professionally with people on the phone and during day-to-day encounters.

Financial Life Skills for Teens

Finally, consider all the financial-based skills teenagers need in today’s world. Can your kids balance a checking account? Do they know how to pay bills (on time) and track their credit score? Knowing about insurance and claims is essential too, even if teens remain on their parents’ policies for a while.

Can your teens set and stick to a budget? Do they know how to set aside some money for long-term goals? How to be good stewards and give back to God? How to prepare for unexpected emergencies?

Learning life skills is an ongoing process. But preparing teens for the real world gives them a solid head start. May God bless you as you raise and nurture the next generation of responsible adults!

What wisdom can you share about teaching life skills for teens? Please share with other readers so they can equip their kids.