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Teens With Special Needs: Minister Effectively & Make a Difference

Ministering to students with special needs and their families is an opportunity for the Kingdom. If our mindset is that it’s a problem or a bother, these kids will sense it and will leave. But if we dive into this challenge, we can make a huge difference.

I know a former youth minister who now works for a nonprofit. He organized a special-needs camp for parents and teenagers. In the history of his church, it’s considered one of the high-water marks. They made a profound impact on so many teens with special needs and their families.

3. Pair up teens.

Phil Bell—So often children’s ministries do a good job with this, but teen ministries can easily overlook it. Two programs make us a church that families with special-needs kids want to attend. First, we have our One2One ministry. It pairs an adult or student with a special-needs child or teenager when they come.

Second, we have a Sunday morning environment where students with special needs have their space to learn from two main teachers. Plus, each also has a One2One high school peer working with them. Right now about 10 high schoolers are in that environment. It’s been amazing to see these kids grow!

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