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Free Kids’ Lesson Package: “Beautiful Feet”

Free Kids’ Lesson Package

From FourFiveSix, “This is a lesson about love. It’s also a lesson about sharing the good news of God with the lost. This lesson helps preteens to develop their understanding that loving others means thinking about, wanting and doing what’s best for them. We’ll talk about what truly is best for others – God. We’ll take a look at Paul’s reference in Romans to the “beautiful feet” that are talked about in Isaiah: It is written, ‘How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!'”

This lesson package includes:

  • 31 Page Lesson PDF — including lesson overview, leader prep and devotional, large group and small group options, social media elements, printables
  • Set of 34 slides in JPG format
  • 3-minute teaching video

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Resource provided by FourFiveSix.org

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