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Youth Leaders and Volunteers Need These 6 Characteristics

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Youth leaders must understand the importance of recruiting and developing volunteers. It isn’t rocket science, but so few people do this the right way. Why? I believe we recruit people but not always the right people.

But mere recruitment isn’t enough. We need to recruit the right people. So how can youth leaders identify these just-right volunteers? I’m glad you asked!

Recruiting the Right Youth Leaders & Volunteers

Look for these 6 characteristics when recruiting youth leaders and volunteers:

1. Personal Growth Plan

Before you throw a leader into the fray, ask what their personal growth plan looks like. A personal growth plan assures that they’re growing and will continue to grow. One reason youth ministries aren’t growing faster is because many leaders have never been led themselves. Youth leaders can’t lead if they’re not being led.

2. Personal Integrity

We need leaders of integrity teaching our students. Craig Groeschel wrote in Altar Ego that “your reputation is what others think about you, and your integrity is the real you.” I want youth leaders and helpers who are authentic, not just popular.

3. Attitude

Skills are necessary, but a person’s attitude is key for taking your youth ministry to the next level. If you haven’t read Kurt Johnson’s “Five Attitudes to Look for in Youth Workers,” do it now. You can read it here. That article is a game-changer and will impact how you recruit leaders and volunteers.

4. Relational

You must recruit leaders who can build relationships with students. Teenagers are at an awkward stage, and sometimes they’re awkward in how they communicate with adults. Youth leaders must be able to create conversations with kids.