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Christian Sex Education Is Crucial—And Must Start at Home

Christian sex education

How do you teach Christian sex education in your family? What’s your strategy? Christian homes should be the most open, honest, and comfortable places for kids and teens to learn and ask questions about sex. Parents: If you’re embarrassed to talk to your kids about sex, you need to get over it.

When I was a sophomore in high school, a senior girl told me about her sexual experience. She knew I was notoriously naive and inexperienced, and I could tell she relished the opportunity to “educate” me. I’ll never forget her telling me: Of course, we don’t have sex when I’m on my period, because I don’t want to get pregnant!

I nodded, wondering how a girl could be 18 and sexually active with so little understanding of procreation. She honestly thought the week of her period was her most fertile. By some miracle, she completed high school without getting pregnant. But she was obviously misinformed, probably by another girl or her boyfriend. He parents were likely too embarrassed to raise the subject.

To top it off, this girl had no notion that having premarital sex might be wrong. She certainly didn’t seem to think it was something to keep quiet about. She was proud of it.

That was back in the early ’90s, utterly wholesome times compared to today. Internet pornography has changed everything. Kids are more vulnerable than ever to abuse, unexpected pregnancy, sexual addiction, and unhealthy and damaging views of sex.

Christian Sex Education: Why It’s So Crucial

Here are 5 reasons Christian sex education isn’t optional for today’s parents:

1. The world is already teaching our kids about sex.

It’s teaching them that sex is casual. Selfish. Purely physical. That it means nothing. That it’s about feeling good and getting what you want, nothing more. The world tells kids they are sexual objects. That they’re worth only as much as another person’s level of sexual desire for them. It says if they aren’t having sex they’re worthless. And if they are, they’re sluts. This world defines even our youngest children by physical attributes. It tells them they exist for sexual pleasure and even identifies them according to their desires.

Christian parents must be the very first people to educate our kids about sex. We need to explain from the beginning why God created sex and marriage. And we need to de-emphasize our culture’s all-encompassing sexual obsession. The only way we can do that is by talking honestly with our kids, from younger-than-you-think ages.

It’s our job to place sex in the proper context through Christian sex education. Parents must provide a God-centered view. If we don’t teach our kids about sex, plenty of other people with completely different values will gladly step up to do the job.

2. Pornography is coming for our kids.

The porn industry wants to hook kids. This huge, insidious machine wants nothing more than to continue raking in billions of dollars at the expense of families. Don’t assume your kids are immune and “would never look at that.” Christian parents should talk to kids about pornography before they’re ever exposed. Warn about the dangers of the internet and install filters on all devices. Otherwise, we’re throwing kids straight into the waiting jaws of pornographers.