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3 Ways Spouses Can Support Each Other in Ministry

3 Ways Spouses Can Support Each Other in Ministry

Do you think your husband would like to serve on a committee?

I was pretty sure I knew the answer to that question, but I asked my husband anyway.

He looked at me and said, “I already serve on a committee. It’s the ‘I support the Children’s Director (my wife) committee.’”  

And that is one reason I love my husband.

If you are married and you work in the ministry, then one important part of your ministry is your spouse. I could not do what I do in the church without the support of my husband. After thinking about all my husband does for me, I have thought of three ways spouses can support their husbands/wives in ministry:

1. He/She listens to your cares and concerns and is willing to pitch in and help when needed.

My husband supports me by loving me, listening when I need to talk about church stuff, taking care of dinner on nights I’m gone, helping clean the house when I might be working late, and, most importantly, caring for our kids while I go to night meetings, retreats, workshops and conferences.

2. He/She has a desire to obey God.

Another thing I love about my husband is his desire to obey God. If God calls me to something then my husband always says that God will also call him. Isn’t that so true?

When we moved to my current place of work, five years ago, he wasn’t willing to move. He was content and happy and not wanting to uproot our family and move. But, he prayed and the Lord opened his heart and allowed him to see that we were supposed to move and I was to take this new job. I love that his heart longs to do God’s will.

3. He/She supports YOU in your ministry.

My husband doesn’t do anything else in the church because he doesn’t feel called to it. He feels called to support me, and that, my friends, is the biggest job ever.

I pray that you have the support of your spouse as you serve God in the ministry; it’s such an important job. If you do, take time right now and thank God for him/her.

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