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8 Must-Have Elements of the Best Coding Boot Camps

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Coding is an important job skill for the future and the best coding boot camp can help you build it.

When looking into the number of businesses relying on computer code, we realized that eight of the top 25 jobs this year are tech positions, according to Glassdoor.

In 2015, seven million job openings were in occupations that required coding skills, and programming jobs overall are growing 12 percent faster than the market average. As a result, coding has become an in-demand skill that can significantly boost a candidate’s opportunity of obtaining a high salary.

Many great coding boot camps are available and most of them provide excellent curricula and produce great results. Their main focus is teaching students how to code and build apps.

In a world where ethics and belief systems are as important as the career you’re pursuing, it’s beneficial to look into schools that can bridge the gap between the tech space and Christianity.

Learning how to code and grow in technology can be bolstered by programs that can also strengthen students spiritually along the way, according to Bethel School of Technology.

Great coding boot camps offering spiritual growth in conjunction with excellence in tech development give students added value with these nine things.

  1. Caring about your spiritual well being – not just code. Look for a school that  sees their students first as world changers and second as soon-to-be great developers.
  2. A great pastoral mentorship. What opportunities for mentorship exist in and around the coding program?
  3.  Shared vision. A great Christian tech community shares common visions and goals.
  4. Options for students. Does the school enable students to become a Fullstack Developer or Filemaker Expert?
  5. Varied skill development. Make sure the program will help you master tools like HTML/CSS/JS, Reactjs, Angular, Java, C#, Ruby, Databases, Project Management, Security, Deployment, Responsive Design and more.
  6. Access to experienced developers who are available to answer any questions. Developers must dedicate time to making sure their students are getting what they’re paying for.
  7. Long-term success from a school that will strengthen your career finding skills. Look for a program that will partner with you to write up attention-grabbing resumes as well as personally connect you with companies that are in search of developers.
  8. Ongoing development. The best programs are at the forefront of a competitive, ever-changing industry with lifetime access to courses, (typically at no cost), allowing graduates to return at any time to learn new technology and refresh their skills on existing technology.

The coding boot camp at Bethel Tech meets students where they’re at and requires no previous knowledge in web development. Learn more at betheltech.net.

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