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New Youth Pastor: Learn How to Start Fresh and Find Purpose

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Are you a new youth pastor? Or a veteran youth minister craving renewal? Then read on for one youth minister’s story. Discover four valuable insights he’s learned from experience.

I recently began a new season in my life. Student Ministry has been a calling since I was 15. At 18, a church took a chance on me. Since then I’ve fallen deeper into the calling of youth work and investing in Millennials and Gen Z.

In 2018, I left North Carolina and began serving at a church in Orlando. By joining the staff here, God has shown me four key things. Whether you’re a new youth pastor or a long-timer, these insights might resonate with you.

4 Insights for a New Youth Pastor and a Fresh Start

1. God brings youth pastors into students’ lives for a purpose.

Each of us will admit that God brings us into teenagers’ lives for a reason. But what are we doing with the time we have with the students in our ministry? While starting at a new ministry, I love meeting fellow student pastors who do amazing things.

The key for student pastors? Realize we’re in our ministry setting with these students for a specific purpose. The kids in our ministry need us to stay faithful to God, God’s Word, and leading them closer to God daily. A veteran or new youth pastor has a daily purpose to invest in and be part of students’ lives. Teens want you at their schools and sporting events, sharing God’s Word.

2. Share the gospel faithfully.

Next, no matter where you are in ministry, share the Gospel with students. Staying faithful to Scripture is key to doing ministry. I love asking students, “What is your story?” That question opens the door for youth pastors to learn more about teens.

But be prepared! This question can and will lead to people following Christ. I know you’re just reading this blog and will move on with your day. But let me ask you a question to ponder. How can you share the Gospel faithfully in your ministry setting? When I asked myself that question, it changed the way I do youth ministry.