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Campus Ministry Tips: 5 Ways to Expand Your Effectiveness

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Do you lead a campus ministry, or are you thinking of starting one? Then check out these veteran youth ministry tips for effective campus outreach.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a youth pastor say they can’t get on school campuses, I’d be rich! We all know the public school system isn’t a welcoming place for religion. And it’s only getting worse.

But most of us in youth work also know schools are the best place to reach students. After all, that’s where kids are! So how do we get on campuses to develop a campus ministry? Start with these five key tips.

5 Tips for Campus Ministry Outreach

1. Change your mindset.

First, let me address the “I can’t get on campus” objection. I’d guess what you’re really saying is, “The school won’t let me start a Bible study.” Or “The school is against me just coming to hang out at lunch time.”

While Bible studies are cool and hanging out at lunch is awesome, that can’t be the standard for campus ministry anymore. We need to change our mindset about what “getting on campus” means and how we actually do campus ministry. Plenty of ways exist to get involved and get on campus. We just need to change what we’re looking for.

2. Volunteer!

Next, remember that schools always need volunteers. They need people to help out and be part of what they’re doing. Look for ways to volunteer and serve the school. Choose opportunities that give you exposure. Then you’ll be able to meet lots of students. For example, you can be a:

  • ticket taker at a sporting event
  • volunteer on fee and photo day
  • classroom aide
  • tutor
  • Career Day speaker
  • mentor
  • club facilitator
  • lunch server
  • dance or trip chaperone

Those are all areas where schools regularly need assistance. So be a volunteer. Not only will you meet tons of students. You’ll also build your reputation and relationship with the schools.

3. Coach.

Coach a sport or help out with the band. This is a great way to get on campus and do amazing ministry. Use the talent God has given you. Some people have athletic talent. Others are gifted musically or in theater. Some have neither but would make an awesome “team parent.”