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10 Youth Group Christmas Game Ideas

10 Youth Group Christmas Game Ideas

Games are awesome, and if you are like me, the hardest part of your week is spent picking them out! This time of year is nice because you can differ from the “regular” games and switch it up with some Christmas game ideas.

Here are 10 Christmas game ideas to make your season hilarious:

1. Ornaments in the Tree

Get a non-decorated Christmas tree and set it up in the middle of the room. Put a circle of tape on the floor 10-15 ft around the tree. Provide each team with a bucket of non-breakable ornaments of a specific color. Give them a few minutes to throw their ornaments and try to get them to stick in the tree. The team with the most ornaments on the tree wins.

2. Human Present

Divide the group into teams or bring few students up on stage. Give the students supplies to wrap and decorate one of the people on their team and turn them into a human present.

3. Christmas Carol Pictionary

Divide your group into teams and play Pictionary with Christmas Carol titles. You may need to have multiple games going at once if your group is larger.

4. Pin the Nose on Rudolph

The classic party game Pin the Tail on the Donkey just went Christmas. The same rules apply—pin that nose on Rudolph! You can get creative with how you spin them, what obstacles are in their way, etc.

5. On-Screen Games From DYM 

Download Youth Ministry has a ton of screen-based Christmas games to chose from! Check them out here.

6. Roll to Unwrap With Oven Mitts 

Have four to six players sit in a circle with a pair of oven mitts, a present and a die. Each person takes a turn rolling the dice until a certain number is rolled (we will say 4). Once a 4 is rolled, that person then puts on the oven mitts and begins unwrapping the present. Everyone else continues to roll the dice trying to get a 4 and once it is rolled, it is that person’s turn to don the oven mitts and attempt unwrapping the present. Those who are not unwrapping are constantly rolling the dice.

Tip: Wrap the present multiple times to make the game last longer.

7. Santa Limbo

Play limbo with a belly. Have students put on a Santa hat, and stuff or tie a pillow on their tummy before they approach the limbo bar. Play regular limbo with a Santa belly and watch the hilarity ensue.

8. Ornament on a Spoon Relay

Just like an egg on a spoon but with ornaments. Divide students into teams and give each team a spoon, ornament and a number of times they have to get it from one side of the room to the other holding the end of the spoon in their mouth balancing the ornament in the spoon.

9. Candy Cane Hook ‘Em

Put a pile of candy canes on one table and a basket on another table 10-15 feet away. Give students one candy cane to put in their mouth and have them transfer the pile to the buckets by hooking the one in their mouth to ones in the pile.

10.  Bottoms Up

Tie an ornament on the end of string and tie that string to a belt. Place cans or bottles on a table, and have students put on the belt with the ornament to the back like a tail and try to knock over the objects on the table by swinging their hips and turning the ornament into a wrecking ball.

This article about Christmas game ideas originally appeared here.