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Preaching for Youth: Finding Topics for Youth Sermons

3. Choose something popular

You can also choose something popular to shape your sermon. Be very careful here that you don’t misuse the Bible for your own agenda, to make your own point!

Questions to help you find youth sermons for youth:

  • What songs are popular right now? Is there something in the lyrics, the video or about the performing artist that you can use?

Example: Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ is an excellent example of a song you can use for a sermon. There’s a very strong message in that song, but not necessarily a message that corresponds with Scripture.

  • What are the current box office films? Is there something you could use? You don’t even have to show clips form the movie, most of the students will have seen it and you can give a brief overview of what the movie is about for those who haven’t.

Example: It’s a while ago, but we used The Return of the King once as a theme for a youth service and a sermon. Our approach was an evangelistic one, telling the students (and their unchurched friends) that Jesus would return as King someday and asking them if they were ready for the return of the King.

  • Is there a popular video, expression, habit, photo, anything? Just look at what your students are sharing on Facebook or posting on Tumblr and you’ll have a pretty good idea.

Example: After the recent passing of Steve Jobs, many posted pictures of ‘iSad’ or cartoons of Steve Jobs dong something at the gates of heaven. These are good starting points for a sermon on heaven, on loss, on doing something meaningful with your life.

These three approaches may help you find a topic for your next sermon for youth, and of course there are many more ways to find topics to preach on. But none of them matter if God isn’t involved. Every search for a topic to preach on for youth should start with prayer and lots of it. Prayer should be at the heart of your sermon preparation!

How do you come up with good youth sermon topics to preach on for youth? Where do you get your ideas and inspiration?

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