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What do Teens, College Students and Parents Need?

I am thrilled to share with you that I have a new book coming out at the beginning of April with Zondervan Publishing.  It is an updated and fresh perspective on helping high school students transition into the real world and college life while holding onto their faith in Jesus.  This book is for parents, students, youth workers, senior pastors and the average adult wanting to understand how to impact the next generation for Christ.  This book is more than a graduation gift (although it could be!).  It can be used as a curriculum for youth workers or parents.  Take a look at the chapters below.
I am especially excited about the chapters on Grace, Scripture, and Worldview helping the next generation lay a firm foundation for why they believe what they believe.  Can the teens and twenty-somethings you know answer this question, “Why do you believe what you believe?”  This book will help them on the journey.

Here is the synopsis of The Ultimate Guide to Being Christian in College: Don’t Forget to Pack Your Faith.

“Are you fully prepared to enter the “real world” after high school to become an adult? This book will help you get on the right trail, answering the right questions and getting the right gear for the journey.

Are You Ready for the Rest of Your Life? You got the high school diploma, received the college acceptance letter, and have your eye on that dorm fridge. Everything seems new and exciting—but with those positive feelings come huge questions about what awaits you once you’re no longer home but sharing a small room with strangers instead. Don’t fear! Here is your essential guide for everything you need to know to survive and thrive, with tips on: • Dorm life • Dealing with professors • Selecting classes • Balancing school and fun • Standing firm in your faith • Becoming who you’re meant to be • And more! With godly wisdom and understanding, Dr. Jeff Baxter draws from his experience helping young adults like you build a solid foundation for your life ahead.”

Here are the Chapters:

Part One: Identity—–Who Am I?1.—Grace: The Priceless Gift
 2.—Scripture: Your Authority
 3.—Scripture: The Whole Story
 4.—Belief: Faith in Jesus
 5.—Doubt: Those Uncertain Moments
 6.—God’s Will: His Design for You
 7.—Prayer: Talking with God

Part Two:—Choices—Do My Decisions Matter? 8.—Worldview: Owning Your Faith
 9.—Responsibility: Getting Wisdom
 10.—Morality: Smart Behavior
 11.—Your Major: Figuring Out the Right Direction
 12.—Classroom: Maximizing Your Learning
 13.—Money: Cash and Canned Goods
 14.—Stress: Managing the Pressure

Part Three: –Belonging—Where Do I Fit? 15.—Parents: Adjusting Your Relationship
 16.—Friends: Finding and Keeping Them
 17.—Dorm Life: Bonding with Strangers
 18.—Campus: Getting Connected and Involved
 19.—Mentoring: Spiritual Growth with Others
 20.—Dating and Sex: Searching for a Spouse
 21.—Church: Finding and Investing in a Local Family

A Final Word (or Two Thousand): The Next Several Days of Keeping Your Faith

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