Even Millennials Are Laughing at John Crist’s Hilarious Spoof on Millennials


John Crist is at is again—this time taking on the millennial generation in his newest spoof video.

The video’s main thrust is a spoof on other, highly credible and necessary ministries like Compassion International. “Millennials International” is the nonprofit seeking to help lazy, entitled millennials who have “no work ethic; no job; no discernible skills” continue to live a life of comfort and ease.

Crist seems to have nailed the problem many people feel surrounds the millennial generation in his closing line: “Help us live the lives we portray on Instagram.”

Like all good satire, though, points of this spoof are grounded in truth. In particular, Crist seeks to point out the following characteristics many feel accurately describe this generation:

– Millennials are lazy and accustomed to free rides
– Millennials only care about themselves
– Millennials are so far removed from previous generations and the real world

The subject of engaging this complex generation is nothing new, but what perhaps is unique about this video is the subtle message that the church isn’t taking the right approach to help millennials address these issues.

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