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trust David Platt

David Platt: Why Most Christians Aren’t Involved in the Great Commission

“If you can trust God to save you, then you can trust God to lead you."

Carl Lentz Explains the Premise of Christianity to Oprah Winfrey

Oprah's take on Carl Lentz's teaching: “Your goal is to transform the way people experience their relationship with God."
China Bible

Some Christians in China Wait Over 10 Years to Own a Bible

Kua Wee Seng of United Bible Societies says he has met people who have been "waiting for the Bible for the last 10 years, 14 years.”

Ray Comfort: Why I Don’t Pray The Sinner’s Prayer With People

Ray Comfort is known for his expertise in evangelism, yet he does not believe in leading converts through “the sinner’s prayer."

Quiz: How Charismatic Are You, Really?

Take this quiz to find out if your worship style and spiritual life are more Charismatic than you might think...

Jackie Hill-Perry Testimony: My Journey Out of Lesbianism

"Jackie Hill-Perry shares her testimony about God's grace in saving her and delivering her out of lesbianism."
suicide factsvideo

5 Things Everyone Should Know About Suicide

"Every day an average of 600 people are intimately affected by the suicide of a loved one."

Greg Laurie Reflects on the Death of Prince

Greg Laurie's thoughts on the death of Prince.

Jeremy Courtney: Restoring Hearts in Iraq

"I'm concerned that we are not doing enough as the church anymore to prepare our people to suffer."

The Priority of Growing in Love

"I would gain nothing unless I loved others."

Are Smartphones Trapping Us in Anti-Social Bubbles?

"Smartphones isolate us; ironically, they rob us of true solitude."

The Gospel of the Kingdom

"In Isaiah 52 a messenger comes to tell the good news that God still reigns and that he is coming to bring his reign to earth."

What the Church Alone Offers the Community on Race

"Sandy Willson and Ed Copeland talk with Russell Moore about how the local church visibly reveals the power of the gospel and can bless the communities in which they meet."

David Berlinski: Evolution Destroyed in Under 5 Minutes

"We can't do any of this in biology, and that should prompt any reasonable person to ask 'why not?'"

Jefferson Bethke: 10 Things Christians Should Stop Saying

Here's a five-minute video on things Christians should stop saying.

What It’s Like to Be a Refugee

"My hope is that this video might tear down some of the walls of bad ideas and opinions we have built around ourselves."

I Deserve Hell

"You don't know which day will be your last. Today is the day to repent and put your faith in Jesus Christ."

The Man in the Moon

"Show someone they're loved this Christmas."

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