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John Crist Takes Stinging Jab at Millennial Missionaries in New Video

Much has been written about the generation that follows Generation X. This particular generation, aptly named the Millennial, offers a challenge to the church in regards to gospel engagement. The following video by the comedian John Crist offers an interesting (and very sarcastic) profile of how “Millennial Missionaries” try to reach scuba divers in Aruba with the gospel.

During his honeymoon and while he was dipping lobster in butter, Quinn felt the call from God to humbly serve in Aruba. There were “God-Moments” for Quinn and his wife, Kylie, such as their interactions with the cabana boys, the golf caddie, the para-sail guys, and even a heart to heart conversation with a Jet Ski owner. The couple has even experienced their share of persecution. For instance, a scuba diver instructor actually asked her to take off her cross necklace before going into the ocean! They are undaunted, though, because being missionaries in Aruba is like living out the poem “Two Footprints in the Sand.”

Quinn and Kylie are asking for financial partners to fund their three-month Aruba mission trip. After three months, they plan to transition to their new assignment: The vineyards of Tuscany, Italy. They are asking for prayer and…. ten thousand dollars… a month.

Have a good laugh with this video, but please remember that the satire in it can expose some real and faulty values that can exist in our western church culture. What are your thoughts? Does any of this (however much hyperbole it contains), ring true?