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Andy Beshear

Easter Churchgoers Defy KY In-Person Ban, Sue Governor

Kentuckians who attended in-person church services on Easter had been warned: State police officers would be writing down license plate numbers and issuing self-quarantine orders to anyone who violated a ban on mass gatherings ordered by Governor Andy Beshear.
still rolling stones

WATCH the Social Distancing Version of ‘Still Rolling Stones’

Watch Christian musician Lauren Daigle perform her hit song 'Still Rolling Stones' while practicing social distancing with her bandmates.

Stop Blaming God for the Coronavirus

Why does God allow the coronavirus to exist, to spread, to kill? Fundamentally, there is a truth that lies at the root of the answer to that question: Our relationship with nature is broken.
It's Ok to Fear Coronavirus

It’s Ok to Fear Coronavirus

We find ourselves in a time of unprecedented trouble. Faced with a global pandemic, we need to take a moment to think biblically about our response to COVID-19.
temple baptist church

Justice Department Sides With Small MS Church Over Drive-in Feud

Attorney General William Barr indicates the crux of the reason he found fault with the city’s actions is that they didn’t enforce their policy “evenhandedly” and singled out the church over other institutions in the city.
new deliverance

Church Mourns Loss of Pastor Who Rejected Social Distancing

The pastor of New Deliverance Evangelistic Church had said he would keep preaching in person unless he were “in jail or in the hospital.” But the church is now mourning his death due to complications from Covid-19.
singles during quarantine

6 Tips for Singles During Quarantine

That’s great for those who have a babymaking pard’ner, but what about us single folk? What about those of us cooped up with our roommates like me, or worse, all alone? There are 6 tips for singles during quarantine that just might help you get through this season.
dare 2 share

Mobilizing Teenagers (Even in a Pandemic) to Lead a Movement

Not only is youth ministry possible during this pandemic, says Dare 2 Share founder Greg Stier, but youth workers can unleash teenagers to be part of a massive global awakening.
good neighbors

4 Steps to Equip Your Church to Be Good Neighbors During COVID-19 and Beyond

Good neighbors doing good works leads to goodwill which opens the door for the Good News!
early rain covenant church

Police Threaten, Arrest ERCC Members on Easter Sunday

Chinese authorities arrested several members of Early Rain Covenant Church as they were participating in an online service on Easter Sunday.
slavic gospel association

‘Christ Over COVID’ Calls for Global Prayer As Coronavirus Ravages Russia, Former Soviet Nations

“Right now, God is using COVID-19 to open hearts like nothing we’ve seen since the fall of the Iron Curtain,” said Michael Johnson, president of Slavic Gospel Association.
global crisis

Craig Groeschel: How to Lead Effectively Through the COVID-19 Crisis

"It’s important to remember that while every major crisis creates unexpected problems, it also creates unprecedented opportunities."
Easter 2020

No Pews, No Problem: Churches Serve Communities This Easter

Easter 2020 did not see the typical big crowds at churches with families dressing up their Sunday best. But these churches made the most of the atypical situation by serving their communities.
neighbors helping neighbors

National Neighbors Helping Neighbors Movement Launches Amid Coronavirus Crisis

“It is our hope that people across the country will rise up in safe and helpful ways to assist those nearest to them."
time capsule

Mom Creates ‘COVID-19 Time Capsule’ Worksheets for Families During Pandemic

“Everyone is going to talk about it. You know, ‘what grade were you in when you couldn’t go to school?,’ that sort of thing. And their kids are going to ask them,” Natalie Long says. This creative mother has created a set of time capsule worksheets to help parents and kids memorialize this unusual time.
governor of kansas

Even If They Can, Most KS Churches Won’t Meet for Easter

The Governor of Kansas faced the equivalent of a hand slap when a group of Republican lawmakers overturned her decision to place 10-person limits on houses of worship, effectively asking them to close just before Easter.
social isolation

Pandemic Linked to Surge in Domestic Violence, Suicide

Requiring people to shelter in social isolation might be a necessary measure in order to stop the spread of Covid-19, but a side effect for many is that it increases the danger they are in.

CCP to Christians: No Streaming—And Watch Out What You Say Online

Pastors in China who attempt to stream their services are finding themselves censored, their connections disrupted, and authorities are closely monitoring how Christians interact online. 
easter 2020

Joel Osteen Leans on Celebrity to Step Easter 2020 ‘up a notch’

Easter 2020 at Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church is going to be star-studded. In an effort to "step it up a notch," Osteen invited Mariah Carey, Kanye West, and Tyler Perry to make Lakewood's Easter one to remember.

What If God Doesn’t Want Us to Go Back to ‘Church, Life as Usual’?

Francis Chan urged those watching that now is the time to repent and to consider that perhaps when all of this is over we shouldn’t get back to “church as usual, life as usual.”

Latest News

Tunisian Carrying Quran Fatally Stabs 3 in French Church

A young Tunisian man armed with a knife and carrying a copy of the Quran attacked worshippers in a Nice church and killed three Thursday, prompting the government to raise its security alert to the maximum level hours before a nationwide coronavirus lockdown.

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