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pamela anderson

Former Playboy Model Pamela Anderson Calls Today’s Children the “Crack Babies of Porn”

According to Pamela Anderson, porn is so addictive and ubiquitous that this present generation being raised on it should be considered “the crack babies of porn.”
tim keller

John Piper and Tim Keller Discuss: We Are Saved by Faith Alone, but What...

If God has done everything for us, our only response would be unconditional obedience.

Francis Chan: ‘I Love Mike Bickle’ and All My Other Charismatic Brothers and Sisters

Before Francis Chan spoke at the International House of Prayer’s OneThing Conference last year, he was asked, “Why would you go there? They are creepy.”

Tony Evans: God Does Some of His Best Work When You Are Asleep

"God does some of his best work when you are asleep—that is, in the dark...He’s behind the scenes, working it out."
miracle healing video

It’s a Miracle! God Heals This Pastor as He Preaches on Healing

A preacher is healed while he is speaking of God's ability and willingness to heal—in our modern age.
tony romo

Tony Romo Keeps His Word to High School Bible Study Students

There were about 300 kids in attendance the night Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo spoke, which is about twice as many students as the leaders normally expect.

Ed Stetzer: “Why Burkinis Should Matter To Christians Who Care About Religious Freedom”

"If we don’t speak out, Muslims in France will not be the only ones stripped of their religious liberty."

Billy Graham’s Decision Magazine 2016 Electoral Guide Promises to Help Christians Vote According to...

According to the Billy Graham Evangelical Association, this election season “could be the most important in our nation’s history."

C.S. Lewis: The Necessity of Chivalry (as Told Through Doodling)

"The knightly character is art—not nature. Something that needs to be achieved, not something that can be relied upon to happen.”
election 2016

New Evangelical Group Seeks to Find Balance on Political Issues—Beyond Trump and Hillary

"We do not presume that there is one Christian way to vote, but we believe strongly that Christians should not leave their faith outside of the voting booth."
phil robertson

Phil Robertson Surprises Audience With His Bold Summary of the Gospel

Phil Robertson: "I ran with the wicked for 28 years. I have now run with the 'saints' of the Almighty God for 42. The last 42 have been a lot better."
jesus culture

Jesus Culture: God’s Love Is Fierce

Jesus Culture invites us to think on the fierce and overwhelming love of God.

Should Pastors Stop Talking About Sex to Keep the Peace?

We need to be ready, equipped with the gospel and the compassion of Christ, to thoughtfully explain a better approach to sexuality.

Jordan Rogers: Our Struggle With Sin Is Like Being Addicted to Drugs

“Most people say, 'Drugs are your problem, stop them.' But for a dope fiend like myself, drugs are a solution. You take away those drugs, and now we got problems."

6 Bible Study Features Pastors Will Enjoy Most in Logos 7

Logos 7 features that will raise the bar of your teaching and save you time.
the passion

Mel Gibson Talks With Greg Laurie About Filmmaking, “The Passion” Sequel and Super Heroes

Mel Gibson says, "Real superheroes don’t wear spandex…but, they do operate on a higher, supernatural level."

Lawsuit Against Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Elder Dismissed

Driscoll and Turner motioned for dismissal when they weren’t served, which is required within 90 days in Washington.

Chris Anderson: All the Best TED Speakers Do This Thing Really Well

The owner of TED answers the question “What do all great TED speakers have in common?”
tony evans

Tony Evans: When We Groan, the Holy Ghost Groans With Us

"Your problem is in heavenly places. Prayer takes you there."
ISIS kayla mueller

News Report on ISIS Hostage Kayla Mueller Highlights Her Faith, Strength and Christ-Like Selflessness

Kayla Mueller was a source of strength and support to those who were held captive with her, and she appears not to have wavered in her faith in Jesus during her long captivity.

Latest News

‘Unplanned’ Is Now Effectively Banned in Canada

Moviegoers in Canada will not currently be able to see the movie Unplanned in theaters. Three of the nation’s largest distributors have rejected the film, meaning it cannot even receive a rating.

New Podcasts

Anthony Thompson: What Happened When I Forgave My Wife’s Murderer

The Emanuel AME church shooting cut short the lives of nine people. Rev. Anthony Thompson lost his wife, Myra. He was also the first to publicly offer the shooter, Dylann Roof, forgiveness.