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Craig Groeschel: The Crucial Secret Every Leader Should Know About Delegation

What is true delegation? How do we lead when our ministry is small, medium-sized or giant? The answer is the same. We must delegate. And we must delegate with skill and honor.

Craig Groeschel shared some principles of delegation crucial to your leadership. We need a jump start of this skill in the church. Fortunately, it’s easier than you might think.

Groeschel said, “If you delegate tasks you will build followers.”

Followers will complete tasks and get the job done, but there will not be the same ownership, creativity and passion behind it.

Groeschel continued, “If you delegate authority you will build leaders.”

There is a big difference between people who are doing “what they’re told to do” and people who are doing “what they’re created to do.”

Would you rather have a group of followers getting the job done or a group of leaders who own and expand the mission at hand?

“We don’t just recruit volunteers, we release leaders. Because volunteers do good things, but leaders change the world.”

We empower people to lead when we give the leadership away.

“We will never attract and build and retain great leaders unless we empower them to lead.”

He warns in placing your identity in what doesn’t really matter. The stakes are too high. If we’re concerned about our success and how we look to others, we’ll “loose the people who matter the most.”

“As your organization grows, you should not do more, you should do less. And the less you do has a greater impact on the people around you.”

Watch Craig deliver this message to leaders below.

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