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Using Technology in Ministry

I have been using Facebook and some of the youth pastor sites to connect with other student pastors & to sharpen my student...

Microphone Technique for Live Performance

An excellent primer on the essential do’s and don’ts when using a mic in a live performance situation.

Church Tech Talk: "I'm A Guru"

Give the tech guys their due with this hilarious tribute video.

Web Based Tech Tools for Ministry

I am following up on our two previous post encouraging us to take advantage of technology.  This week both Timothy and Kevin shared posts...

Embracing Technology

Guest Post by Kevin Spear I’m a tech guy. I’m sorry, but I love everything techie. My technology disease began when I first saw the...

Technology Is Allowing Companies to Start with Fewer People

Maybe now is the time to start that project you’ve always dreamed about.  A recent Kaufman Foundation study indicates that start-ups are being launched...

Kem Meyer: The Underbelly of Technology Nobody Talks About

Kem Meyer discusses how we often wear our "puffy coats" of technology and fail to communicate the important issues.

Is Technology Diluting Art?

Technology is “the creation and use of technical means and their interrelation with life, society, and the environment” (Dictionary.com). It’s human knowledge and science...

We Measure What Matters

Kem Meyer: "Metrics matter and it’s about more than numbers."

Technology and Discipleship: Who Serves Whom?

There's nothing wrong with embracing new trends. Mastering them is the challenge.

Simple Stage Planning: Four Easy Steps

Setting a stage is more than just placing gear and placing people. It's about consistency.

Theology through Technology — Paving The Way For Relevance

Media. That one word entails a world of sensations, experiences, visions, apparitions, stuffed email inboxes, exabytes (yeah, that’s a word) of information,...

How To Use Technology to Promote Mission

Mark Driscoll and Jeff Vanderstelt offer examples on how to use technology to expand mission.

Is Technology Bringing Down the Church?

An opinion column on CNN suggests that the availability of Scripture online will "bring down the church as we know it."

Moving From Fax Machines to Facebook: How Technology Is Changing Youth Ministry

First of all, I have a positive view of technology usage in youth ministry. But I am reminded technology means something totally different...

The Impact of Technology on Teenagers

We’re saturated with media. Question is: how is your family dealing with it?

Technology Touching Faith

Guest Post by Eric Dye The advancement of technology from 1900 to 1950 was incredible, but it pails in comparison to the advancements that has been...

Jason Bourne’s Basics For Youth Pastors: Developing Tactical Thought, Mastering Biblical Languages, and Leveraging Technology

I am obsessed with Jason Bourne.  In fact, I have been known to dream about getting into the CIA.  If I am bored and nothing...

5 Reasons You Should Twitter in Church

To tweet in church or not to tweet in church? That is the question.

Why Mobile Technologies Will Force Churches to Change

There have only been a handful of technologies that fundamentally changed how churches function on a day-to-day basis: Electricity, Central A/C &...

‘Lord I Lift Your Name on High?’ Oakland Church Sues Police...

Zide Door in Oakland is suing police and the city over a raid of their facility, in which authorities confiscated $200,000 of cannabis and psychedelic mushrooms. Zide Door distributes the drugs to church members. 

Podcast Special: Dave Ferguson Gives 4 Habits for Healthy, Lasting Ministry

What are some of the practices that we can embrace as ministry leaders that will help sustain our joy through both the highs and lows of ministry? Join Dave Ferguson for a candid, backstage conversation.

Ministry Tech Leaders